The Journey Begins

You want to communicate with your community.
The challenge, is that you need tools and the skills to use them. The GuruPilgrim project aims to help you get there with Open Source software, which lowers the barrier to entry by both being easy to use, and free.

What is a “GuruPilgrim”?

The Guru

The term “Guru” has come to mean “One who is a master of a particular subject, especially one who has gained a wealth of knowledge about a topic”. This word choice is intended in it’s 21st century context. Being a ‘guru’ is about mastering a topic or subject matter.

The Pilgrim

A pilgrim is one who is on a journey, sometimes with a particular euphoric goal or place, and sometimes in search of something without a specific known outcome.

The GuruPilgrim

A guru pilgrim then is one who is on a journey toward mastery itself.

The GuruPilgrim Continuum

This circle represents the core range of topics to potentially be explored by the GuruPilgrim project.

pilgrim circle