The Journey Begins

Explore a 21st century world from a new perspective.
I will begin sharing my journey into freedom and philosophy, as I delve into a huge range of topics under the influence of the modern era.

What is a “GuruPilgrim”?

The Guru

The term “Guru” has come to mean “One who is a master of a particular subject, especially one who has gained a wealth of knowledge about a topic”. This word choice is intended in it’s 21st century context. Being a ‘guru’ is about mastering a topic or subject matter.

The Pilgrim

A pilgrim is one who is on a journey, sometimes with a particular euphoric goal or place, and sometimes in search of something without a specific known outcome.

The GuruPilgrim

A guru pilgrim then is one who is on a journey toward mastery itself.

The GuruPilgrim Continuum

This circle represents the core range of topics to potentially be explored by the GuruPilgrim project.

pilgrim circle